Serving Trays

  • Blank Serving Tray

    Blank Serving Tray

    From AUD59.95

  • Lunar Hope

    Lunar Hope

    From AUD59.95

  • New Year Buddy

    New Year Buddy

    From AUD59.95

  • Love Sweet Love

    Love Sweet Love

    From AUD59.95

  • Ever Present

    Ever Present

    From AUD59.95

  • Initia


    From AUD59.95

  • Bib


    From AUD59.95

  • Crema


    From AUD59.95

  • Cherry Pop

    Cherry Pop

    From AUD59.95

  • Real Treats

    Real Treats

    From AUD59.95

  • Family Plans

    Family Plans

    From AUD59.95

  • Game Time

    Game Time

    From AUD59.95

  • Family Kindling

    Family Kindling

    From AUD59.95

  • Grand Kin

    Grand Kin

    From AUD59.95

  • Baby Momma

    Baby Momma

    From AUD59.95

  • Momsy


    From AUD59.95

  • Wedding Wonders

    Wedding Wonders

    From AUD59.95

Totally Personalized Framed Prints

Time spent together with our loved ones are moments served on a silver platter, which is why we’re keen on our custom serving trays! Get your very own fully personalized Serving Trays online at Photobook Australia and dish out some sweet loving when you present that extra sweetness on the tray. The frame is made from Oak so it has that natural shade of wood to accompany your custom image design which is featured on the single sided hardboard inlay panel. This makes the serving tray a practical kitchen tool, ideal for one person, as well as a pretty decorative piece for any household.

The colours on your designs are sharp and vibrant to give your image a rich, dynamic tone. It’s then finished with a sleek gloss for a layer of shine and protection, which also makes it easy to wipe away dirt, stains and spills.

It comes disassembled to make it easier to ship over, but you can easily put it together with a Philips screwdriver, making it ready to use in just minutes, enjoying the solid and sturdy build. Get started now and make your own fully personalized Serving Trays online at Photobook Australia to show some sweet attention to your loved ones. It is timed spent together that makes all the difference.

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