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Create photo prints with Photobook Designer

Design Tips

Fully customize it using the Photobook Designer. Printing is done on both sides so apply your designs evenly, minding both front and back. The Bookmarks are arranged in sequence, with odd numbered pages as the front side while even numbered pages being the back.

The single design allows for one specific design across all your bookmarks while the multiple design enables for a unique design on each individual bookmark. Take your pick of the layouts provided and just drag and drop your photos, arranging them in any way you want.


Bookmark Details

  • Printing Time
    2-3 Business Days
  • Customization

    Personalization is key. That is why with our editor, you are able to add your favourite photos, include text with different font types, use our wide array of page styles, backgrounds and scrapbook items to form your unique photo print.

Fully Personalisable Bookmarks

Really get deep into the story you’re reading as you craft fully personalisable Bookmark designs online at Photobook Australia. Designing your very own Bookmark allows you to put in your best moments, stunning photos and even your most favourite characters in. You could make it thematic, putting in elements to emulate your favourite novel series, a photo of you and your mates from that amazing night out in Brisbane or even some sweet pictures from your daughter’s birthday party in Ipswich. Apply any of the masks or scrapbook items that’s readily available in our Photobook Designer and give your Bookmark photos a little funk.

Measuring at 2″ x 6″, you could design either a single style or have multiple different ones in a set, with each set available in 14 or 29 pieces. This way you can make one for each different book you have or share it with all your loved ones. It’s printed on an Uncoated Smooth paper for that quality look and feel. It’s also has a totally writable surface, so you could even scribble down a note if you want to. So put in your favourite character, that amazing night in Brisbane or even of your daughter's birthday pictures in Ipswich and really get deep into the story you’re reading as you craft fully personalisable Bookmark designs online at Photobook Australia.