Kids Growth Chart

  • Growing Friends

    Growing Friends

    From AUD24.95

  • Ocean Blue

    Ocean Blue

    From AUD24.95

  • Giraffing


    From AUD24.95

  • Sweet Tooth

    Sweet Tooth

    From AUD24.95

  • Space Explorers

    Space Explorers

    From AUD24.95

  • Roboto


    From AUD24.95

  • Blossoming Flower

    Blossoming Flower

    From AUD24.95

  • Sky High

    Sky High

    From AUD24.95

  • Super Champ

    Super Champ

    From AUD24.95

  • Sweet Doilies

    Sweet Doilies

    From AUD24.95

  • Fairytale Tower

    Fairytale Tower

    From AUD24.95

  • Stationary Sass

    Stationary Sass

    From AUD24.95

  • Driving Up

    Driving Up

    From AUD24.95

  • Building Sands

    Building Sands

    From AUD24.95

  • Blank Kids Growth Chart

    Blank Kids Growth Chart

    From AUD24.95

Fully Personalized Kids Growth Chart

Sometimes it seems like kids just shoot up an entire inch over lunchtime. Track their development with a custom growth chart for kids! Find the coolest and funkiest toddler growth chart when you browse through our fully personalized Kids Growth Chart online at Photobook Australia. We’ve got a selection of fun growth chart for boys and girls growth chart designs we’re pretty sure would tickle your kid’s fancy. From customizable astronauts, robots, and more, you can create a boys growth chart for your nephew in Melbourne with some classroom details, or maybe a sugary delight height chart for girls for your sister in Darwin. And you can even do this all from the comfort of home in Cairns.

Our line of custom growth chart for kids comes complete with both Metric and Imperial measurements, which means you’ll be able to track their sneaky little sprouting in both centimeters and inches. It has a gloss finishing which lets you draw on the surface with a (permanent) marker and you could even use a whiteboard marker if you want to easily wipe it off. So have a look through our range of fully personalized Kids Growth Chart online at Photobook Australia and make your very own growth chart for boys or girls growth chart.

With the Photobook Designer, the design process becomes super easy. Make your toddler growth chart wherever you are, from Melbourne to Darwin, and Darwin to Cairns, you can check out a boys growth chart for your nephew or a height chart for girls for your sister, all with a just a few easy clicks.

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